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Comox Valley Yacht Club Broughton Cruise In July 2008

The CVYC visited the Midusmmer fish farm site in July 2008.

The CVYC visited the Midusmmer fish farm site in July 2008.

July 2008:  A group of cruisers from the Comox Valley Yacht Club stopped by the Midsummer farm site to have a tour, a salmon BBQ and stay overnight.  The visit was greatly enjoyed by all.  The group planned to set off first thing on Tuesday morning, but enjoyed the site so much they stayed to watch the feeding. 

Dean Trethewey, Marine Site Manager at Midsummer, said that this was one of the most successful tours that he has been a part of.  Some of the comments from the cruisers that he received included:

  • I did not eat farmed salmon before, but now that I have seen first hand what a professional operation Marine Harvest Canada is running, I have no reserves of eating farmed salmon in the future.
  • This has been the highlight of our journey.
  • The staff seems so knowledgeable about what they are growing.

Special thanks to Kevin Holston and Justin Schmek who did an outstanding job.  Kevin’s BBQ skills were a big hit.  They loved the hats and shirts.  In fact, they were willing to buy them.  Kelly did an awesome job marinating the fillets ahead of time.  Check out the pictures in the photo album on the Marine Harvest Canada Facebook Page.

“I want to take this time to express our gratitude and appreciation to Marine Harvest and in particular to Dean and his crew at the Midsummer Island location. On 21 August, we arrived at his site with our flotilla of 12 boats to a very warm welcome and an extensive tour of the site. After an initial visit to the pens and a long detailed discussion of fish farming from egg to market and everything in between we were treated to a delicious salmon barbeque and a good social time.

After staying overnight at the site, the next morning we spent more time out on the pens as the fish were fed.

Dean was an excellent host and an excellent spokesman for your company and for your industry. Never did we feel that a question was left unanswered or avoided.

Every one of us approached the idea of this tour from a different angle; with attitudes ranging from interest to ignorance with a healthy amount of prejudice thrown in for good measure. We all came away from the tour better educated, excited and able to discuss the fish farm industry with a more open mind and a reasonable attitude.

If we could learn that much about something we see everyday boating we would be much better off.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

Peter Sanderson
Comox Valley Yacht Club”


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