Posted by: marineharvestcanada | September 19, 2008

Nanaimo Newcomers Club Visit Sept 2008

The Nanaimo Newcomers Club ( couldn’t have picked a nicer day for an exciting tour of Marine Harvest’s hatchery and fish farm sites. Months ago, the Club requested a presentation from Marine Harvest so they could learn more about aquaculture and it’s importance to the economy on northern Vancouver Island. During the presentation, Ian Roberts, Communications Manager for Marine Harvest Canada, invited the group to visit production sites to help understand more about the process and science of farming salmon. The first ten made their visit in September and were treated to a full tour of Big Tree Creek hatchery in Sayward, BC, as well as a salmon farm site near Hardwicke Island. Apparently, when they return and tell other club members about their visit, there will certainly be a second trip requested.
Thank you from the Nanaimo Newcomers Club
I would like to thank you for the great tour and information session on Tuesday. We, from the Harbour City Newcomers Club certainly had our eyes opened in regards to the technology and the care that is taken in the fish farming process.

Beginning at the hatchery tour, you were very open in your approach and answered every question that we had about the farming process. The highlight was the visit to the farm and seeing first hand the carefully monitored system that is used in raising the fish.

You mentioned that you would be interested in another group from the Newcomers club visiting, and we will try to organize something for next spring.

Again Thank you for the tour, the open questions and answers, and your hospitality!!!

Yours Truly

Judy D



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