Posted by: marineharvestcanada | September 23, 2008

Southeastern Storm Takes Sailboat By Surprise

A Southeastern storm usually entails three to six foot swells, sometimes higher (depending on what the tide is doing) with white caps along with the usual sideways rain. How does it feel? Well lets just say unless you’re on land the sea legs come in real handy. Everything you’re standing on never stops moving. 

There they were circling and looking for a place for shelter.  Sail boaters, 2 guys on a new 30 ft sailboat.  Sometimes a wicked southeastern storm catches boaters by surprise. 

We sort of met in the middle.  They were in the rough making their way towards the site so I got in the boat and approached them and asked if they wanted to dock.  The owner wanted to tie up; while the friend ran the boat but unfortunately, he was not a skilled operator.  While lining in for docking, the sailboat rammed the steel corner plates resulting in significant damage to the sailboat; a 2ft gauge, 1.5 ft above the water line. 

No the owner was not happy at all, he blew a fit. Probably better to leave the details out… 

I offered the friend hot chocolate and respite while the storm(s) blew over. 

The fellow I brought inside was more interested in what we did and concerned about how his friend (who was a school mate) would be with him when he went back to the boat for the night.  I didn’t speak much to them about their journey although I knew they were from Seattle and were going to Alaska.

The southeastern storm cleared up the next day.  At first light, they were gone. 

Not sure how long the accident set them back, once they were gone in the morning that was the last I ever saw them. I’m guessing at least a few days in Alert Bay at the ship yard to get repaired.

Submitted by Brad M
Glacier Falls Site Manager


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