Posted by: marineharvestcanada | October 27, 2008

SV Opus 5 Gives Thanks to MHC

On September 29th, we were in Port Elizabeth when we discovered that the starter had stuck on and burnt a lube oil line and blew oil all over the engine compartment. Without the ability to repair or replace the faulty oil line, I felt that we would require a tow back to Port McNeill.

With this in mind, I thought the fish farm crew would know who to call for a tow and I went over to seek their help. When I explained my situation to them they suggested that instead of a tow they could call a service contractor from Port Harvey who could get me back under my own power.

Tom and Kristian, made some phone calls and said they had reached Mike B and he would be at my boat within the hour. He took the faulty line and said he would be back in the morning with a new line. By mid-morning Mike had installed a new line that was long enough to be secured away from the starter. With a few friendly raps on the starter we got the engine fired up and were able to return under our own power.

I asked Mike how much we owed him and almost fell over when he said that this was complements of the Marine Harvest Fish Farm. It’s nice to know who your friends are! Kelly, please pass on our most sincere thanks to your staff Tom T and Kristian F for helping to get us home that day.

Jim E

SV Opus 5


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