Posted by: marineharvestcanada | March 17, 2009

Feed Manager Looks on Bright Side of Life

Tim O'HaraTim O’Hara was brought up to see the funny side of life. Spend even a short amount of time with him and that becomes clear. Whether he’s talking about his pre-aquaculture days as an inspector for the South Africa fruit board – or remembering when he accidentally squeezed French’s mustard onto himself during his first company function in 1999, back in the Omega Salmon days – you can’t help but smile.
Currently Marine Harvest Canada’s Feed Manager based out of the Campbell River office, Tim was born in Plymouth, England, on Valentine’s Day. His main responsibilities include production strategy and feed formulation. He got his start in the aquaculture industry as Biological Controller with Hydro Seafood in Oban, Scotland, a position which allowed him to use his B Sc. in Microbiology from University College London. He was with Hydro for more than 20 years before making the move across the Pacific to Canada.
Outside work Tim enjoys movies – the classics and indie films are particular favorites –as well as golf at Storey Creek, listening to music, good food, and reading. Most recently he’s enjoyed Wild Swans, a multigenerational tale that gives a detailed and rich look into Communist China, and The Kite Runner.
His parents instilled into Tim the value of the Golden Rule, something he continues to use as a guiding principle.
Asked if there was one thing he’d like people to know about him, Tim replied, “That I’m always approachable and always have time”.


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