Posted by: marineharvestcanada | March 18, 2009

Susan McLoughlin in training for the 2009 Antarctic Marathon

On March 10th, 2009, Susan ran her first marathon on what most would say is the last continent on earth…

Check out her story at In training for 2009 Antarctic Marathon

Please join Susan in making a difference in our community. All $$$ raised will go directly to Campbell River Search and Rescus (CRSAR).

When it comes to emergency preparedness, we can never have enough to completely cover all our bases” says current SAR team leader. Current projects include the completion of the Mobile Command Post and the purchase of a Helicopter External Transport Systems kit. Other equipment needed includes a new ATV, 20 hi-vis jackets, 8 handheld GPS units and a handheld Forward Looking Infrared Radar unit.

While Susan will become a member of a unique club in her endeavor, it is the outcome of this grand adventure – the committed sponsorship and contributions of many individuals, businesses and service groups to help fund these requirements – that will be the ultimate reward. This training and equipment will be instrumental for continued and improved rescue and relief efforts in the entire north end of Vancouver Island.


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