Posted by: marineharvestcanada | April 9, 2009

So what about Salmon Farming?

Featured in the April newsletter for the Campbell River Rotary is an article on the cover featuring MHC’s Communication Manager Ian Roberts presentation to the CR Rotary. To view the Spokesman newsletter, please visit

Marine Harvest representative and marketing manager, Ian Roberts, presented a factual insight to fish farming. Arguably, a sustainable industry that in the face of resistance continues to provide a strong work place in the area and a product that has a world wide demand. Ian, informative in his presentation, put great emphasis on the need for discussion to address concerns, environmental impacts, and the future of fish farming as a whole. Obvious concerns such as Sea Lice, and the over all perception of salmon farming were addressed with practicalities and facts.

Worldwide, Marine Harvest employs 7,500 people and produces one third of the world’s farmed salmon and trout at facilities in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Canada, Ireland and the Shetland Islands. For North Vancouver Island, 550 people are employed by Marine Harvest. Aquaculture farms on the coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, where 500 people produce 45,000 tones of high quality fresh Atlantic salmon a year. This does not include approximately 6,000 contractors in support industries used to maintain salmon farming.

Salmon are raised in freshwater hatcheries and rearing sites before being transferred to the clear Pacific waters of our marine fish farm sites. From there, Atlantic salmon are harvested and processed for shipment to customers in Canada, the United States and Asia.

The fish farming industry is under the watchful eye of many government authorities, which makes it the most scrutinized farmed produce on the planet. Fish farming is here to stay, and essentially will continue to provide a superior product that is easily met by human demand, if not in BC Canada most definitely world wide.

For more information on fish farming go to


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