Posted by: marineharvestcanada | April 15, 2009

Creating and sustaining a tightly-knit group in Port Hardy

lauraAs the interview progressed, I could hear Laura Pelletier greeting her fellow colleagues as they arrived at the Port Hardy Processing Plant. Or to explain it another way, her friends. For Laura, there’s no separating “colleagues” and “friends”. To know that about Laura, the Accounting Assistant and Receptionist at the PHPP, is to understand something fundamental about her.

Arriving in Port Hardy 16 months ago from Victoria, Laura is a mom to a 12 year old son with a passion for playing rep hockey and a 14 year old soccer-playing daughter. Her son’s hockey “is a family commitment”, involving regular travel up and down the island but that’s okay. “The kids are supportive of each other (playing sports),” she said. The family also enjoys weenie roasts by the lake and riding quads.

Laura’s favorite thing about her job is “dealing with the people. I’m able to assist with benefit and vacation forms, whatever they need. The crew works hard”, she enthused. Marine Harvest is “like a true family – there are lots of highs and lows” and you’re there to celebrate the good times and support each other through the tough ones, explained Laura.

Laura recalled with pleasure the arrival of Plant Manager Dave Pashley – “he’s always calm and cares about people”, she said, adding that Janet Parsons, PHPP’s Office Manager, recently encouraged her through a difficult time, commenting that “You’re a worthy person and people care a lot about you around here”.

As we complete the interview and wish each other a good day, I reflect on Janet’s comment and begin to glimpse the sense of community that Laura clearly appreciates and contributes to.

By Gina Forsyth


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