Posted by: marineharvestcanada | April 20, 2009

Launch of innovative on-line company community coming summer ’09

Have you ever wished there was a single, secure place online where Marine Harvest staff could go that answered all of your work related questions and provided a one-stop-shop for documents and information? Stephen Budgeon, IT Manager, thought you might. So – he’s in the process of making it happen.

stephenIt’s called Sharepoint and it will be a way to build community, get to know your work neighbours and provide quick access to documents and information with the potential to make everybody’s daily tasks more efficient, says Stephen. As more companies, both inside and outside the aquaculture industry grow, the challenge of making the variety of information resources available to Launch of innovative on-line company community coming summer ’09 employees, regardless of where they are located, becomes more difficult. This is where Sharepoint shines, Stephen added.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for information that you can tap into regardless of where you are, whether it’s on-site, at the processing plant, in a hotel room, at home, or in the office. Or, if you prefer, think of Sharepoint as Facebook on steroids – a way to connect with others and share knowledge without the applications that look funky but aren’t all that practical. Weather conditions, upcoming events, photos, recognition of employee milestones, as well as links and “information you can use” – that’s what Sharepoint promises. It will be easily accessible company-wide through Citrix and will replace the current Common folder.

“Getting there (to roll out) takes a bit of time”, commented Stephen, “but once the framework is established it should run itself ” and require little in the way of trouble-shooting. An essential component of Sharepoint will be the company wiki – a knowledge sharing section made up of online documents focused on practical,
common issues such as the use of bird nets and anchoring. Wondering what’s been particularly successful within the company about plankton control, for example? Soon you will be able to check Marine Harvest’s wiki. “There’s not always as much information sharing happening as we’d like right now, especially between areas”, explained Stephen, and Sharepoint’s method of organizing and providing information will help facilitate this.

Sales, Fish Health, Finance and HR as well as all other departments will have its own section with information related to each contained within that specific tab.

Sharepoint has the potential to include real time information such as harvest information and site costs, although this aspect of the collaborative document management system is slated for a later release. In the meantime, however, get ready for a huge step forward in making relevant information accessible to you when you need, where you need it.

By Gina Forsyth


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