Posted by: marineharvestcanada | May 26, 2009

Goldstream Hatchery Volunteers Association Tour April 2009

Goldstream GroupDear Marine Harvest:

On behalf of our tour team, Reg, Doug, Jack, Art, Larry, John and myself, we would like to thank you many times over for the most impressive and informative trip we have experienced. The whole team now has a positive appreciation of what the salmon farming industry represents in terms of environmental, social and economic concerns. They have asked me to express to you, their heartfelt thanks in helping to open their eyes to the misrepresentations that they have read and heard from the media. Reg probably said it the best: “It is the cleanest industry I have ever seen”, in reference to the Marine Harvest hatchery, farms and processing facilities. They were all very impressed with the Port Hardy Processing Plant and especially when they watched the fish being pumped out of the Serena Joye without any sea lice. Actually, Doug was a bit disappointed because he was led to believe that the salmon would be covered with sea lice and he counted only one in the hundreds of fish he watched being unloaded.

I think we were all very impressed by the fact that you didn’t try to persuade us either way and allowed us to see every aspect of the operation and allowed us to form our own opinions.

Without reservation, our tour of the Marine Harvest facilities was positive and enlightening. I would appreciate it if you would extend our sincere thanks to all those who made our visit such a great experience.

We are all having farm-raised Atlantic salmon for dinner tonight!

Warm regards,

 Jerry Lang, VP

Goldstream Hatchery Volunteers Association


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