Posted by: marineharvestcanada | June 11, 2009

Early farm experience leads to easy career choice

LimePt.Lauren“After finishing high school, all I wanted to do was go to work on the farm,” said farm technician Lauren Edgar recently.

That explains the joy in her voice during the interview. She’s clearly where she wants to be and it shows.

Born in Bella Bella and now living in Klemtu, Lauren has a family history in the industry. Her dad was an early fish farmer at Jackson Pass working for the Kitasoo/ Xai’xais Band, back in the days before Marine Harvest became involved there. She remembers being on the farm with her dad while in elementary school. These were times she truly enjoyed.

Following graduation Lauren was eager to take North Island College’s aquaculture program and build on the skills she had developed during two summers spent working at both Jackson Pass and Kid Bay. Disappointingly, the course was no longer offered but her hands on experience allowed her to be hired and her determination led to a current full-time position at Sheep Pass.

“I love being out on the ocean and seeing the wildlife,” she said.

As a farm technician, Lauren’s responsibilities include feeding the fish and plankton sampling. She’s taken Nicky Haigh’s plankton identification course and “learned a lot”. Lauren is looking forward to learning the record keeping side of farming through Fish Talk, the database that tracks a huge variety of information such as fish growth rates, feed consumption and survival rates.

“I love being out on the ocean and seeing the wildlife,” she said.

When asked what she career she would consider if she wasn’t in aquaculture, there’s a slight hesitation.

“This might sound weird”, Lauren said, “but I’d be a pastry chef. I love to bake.” commenting that her grandmother has taught her “everything I know”.

By Gina Forsyth



  1. Good work Lauren! Keep on keeping on!

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