Posted by: marineharvestcanada | June 15, 2009

MHC helps build another dock on Quadra Island

Building on the success of the Surge Narrows community dock project in 2008, MHC was happy to support Quadra Island residents in re-building another access point in Granite Bay. After a year of collaboration between community, Regional District and local businesses, the project is now complete. Below are some kind words for MHC from Jim Abram, Area J Director;

“First on the list (of thanks) has to be Marine Harvest Canada. The people that I dealt with there were so helpful and willing to take on so much in the way of soliciting other donations and in offering services and coordination. James Rogers, Ian Roberts and Owen Green were my main contacts and they were fantastic to deal with. They donated all of the actual float structures, the new flotation billets, the anchoring chains and ropes and all of the associated hardware for the anchors. They also did a great job in helping me to locate other donations such as the trucking, the metal fabricating and the location of appropriate anchors.”

Jim Abram, Strathcona Regional District Director – Discovery Islands/Mainland Inlets

Strathcona Regional District Press Release

More photos are available at


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