Posted by: marineharvestcanada | August 13, 2009

Lex Gagne: experienced veteran embraces change

Lex Gagne & Peonies 001Salmon aquaculture is in a constant state of innovation but for Lex Gagne, “change keeps it fresh.”

As Logistics Manager, one of Lex’s responsibilities is to ensure that “the value-added (processing) gets done” and that the right fish gets to its customer on time.

Lex prepares a weekly processing schedule to guide this process. She enjoys dealing with two of Marine Harvest’s largest customers, Costco and Westfair, also known as Super Store.

Lex came to our industry in the mid 1980s, when she was hired for a part-time office position at Seafarm Canada, the predecessor to Stolt Sea Farm. She ventured into the world of production when she accompanied the first loads of grilse to Great Northern Packing in Vancouver and has been in processing and distribution ever since.

She remembers estimating what the orders would be and not only handwriting labels when they processed at Walcan but putting the labels onto the boxes herself.

“The industry was very much hands on,” commented Lex.

Born in Victoria, Lex is mom to Craig, who works at Kal Tire, and Jolene, who works in the health care industry and is currently touring Europe, Africa and Asia. Lex and partner Carl have called the Oyster River area home for the past 20 plus years. She enjoys her grandkids, all of whom are close and keep her running when they visit. “They’re into everything – there’s no fear,” said Lex with a laugh. As various dogs and their owners stroll by during our interview, Lex greets them all. It’s easy to see that Lex’s own dog, Brandy (“named after a good drink”), has a special place in her heart.


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