Posted by: marineharvestcanada | November 5, 2009

Campbell River South Fish Farm Olympics

The CR South area held their annual BBQ at Young Pass on Sept 3rd and this year it was decided that the sites would show off their farming chops by competing head to head in the first annual Fish Farm Olympics. Staff from Bickley, Farside, Sonora, Brougham, Okisollo and Cyrus made up three teams. All Pen Diving fielded a fourth team and lastly, a team called the “Whitehats”. The Whitehats were, as the moniker suggests, a team comprised of supervisors and so they were heavily favoured to carry the day.

Riley McFadyen gave everyone the run down on what to do. First up was the “behind the back bowline” tied to a cannon ball. Then an unlucky “volunteer” got to paddle across an empty 100x with the cannon ball in a plastic boat. Once on the other side, a teammate waited to splice two ropes together and drop the cannon ball to the bottom of the ocean (which at Young Pass is only about 35m). After that the cannon ball is pulled to the opposite side of the cage with a capstan and loaded onto a transfer pen which is towed around the can buoy and made secure on the next cage.  Allpen’s “Dirty Divers” led by Rob McLaughlin surprised everyone by acing the event. When asked how he completed his splice so quickly, Rob replied, “It’s easy above water”. What happened to the Whitehats? They dropped the ball… literally and figuratively. Their cannon ball is sitting on the bottom below the cages and now Rob and his crew will have to go and retrieve it for them.

Good times were had by all. Thanks to Riley for organizing the events and Mike “the human fid” Sharko for the good food!

Submitted by James Rogers


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