Posted by: marineharvestcanada | February 3, 2010

Diana loves her work at Potts Bay!

Diana Pickwick, Assistant Manager at Potts Bay, describes herself as a “down to earth, get your hands dirty kind of person”. It’s this attitude that has contributed not only to her successful career in aquaculture but to her life in general.

Born in Comox, Diana devoted 15 years of her working life to Zellers doing a variety of jobs with the department store including human resources. In 1992, she decided it was time to make a change to aquaculture. The timing proved favorable since a colleague’s husband managed the Blunden site for then Stolt Sea Farm and needed new staff. After a visit to the site, Diana was hooked. She worked at Arrow Pass and Wicklow Point and then moved into brood stock (thank you Terry Smith!), first at Whirl /Twist and now at Potts Bay.

She recalls commuting by boat between Whirl /Twist and Swanson when Whirl /Twist didn’t have staff accommodation. “We got lost in the fog a couple of times,” she said, not sorry those days are now behind her.

Diana cherishes the time she spends in her home and garden with Elliott, her four year old granddaughter, someone she affectionately calls her “little buddy”. Come January 2010, Diana will welcome another grandchild.

And by the way, remember the hand written birthday card you received with the Tim Horton’s gift certificate? Thank Diana for the card and for continuing a well-chosen tradition she brought with her from Zellers.

By Gina Forsyth


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