Posted by: marineharvestcanada | March 5, 2010

Friendly folk at fish plant

North Island Gazette Published: March 02, 2010 5:00 PM

I don’t usually write letters to the Gazette, but this time I thought something should be mentioned.

Marine Harvest Canada does a great deal for our community and we are never shy in asking them for favours.

I was tasked the other day to make a delivery to Marine Harvest Canada. I wondered where are they located? What is their parking like? Will I have problems parking? I hate parking.

Will I find the office? Will it be noisy and smelly? What if they are just annoyed that I am using their office to leave posters?

Off I go and follow the road to Marine Harvest. What a surprise. The company is easy to find, it has a great looking parking lot so there is no problem parking and a path led me to the door.

I walked past a group of workers enjoying the great weather while they sat and chatted at a most delightful gazebo perched by the ocean with a great view of Port Hardy.

I proceeded up a flight of stairs, feeling a little better, but now for the tough job – asking to leave a poster for someone else to pick up. I read the notice, took my shoes off at the top of the stairs and turned left.

I was met by a most courteous staff member who made me feel like a million. No problem, she said, “I believe he will be here later this afternoon and I will give it to him.”

Well, I said to myself, isn’t that nice. Everything about this place is top notch and their staff should be proud to work here – know I would be.

Donna Gault
Port Hardy


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